Town of Freeport

Hours & Contact Information

Office Hours:
Hedgehog Mountain Road Facility:
Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Saturday- 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

*** Closed July 4, 2018 and Nov. 22-23, 2018 ***
You must have a recycling vehicle sticker to use the facility. See below for m

Office Telephone: 207-865-3740 at facility
Mailing Address: 30 Main Street, Freeport, ME 04032

Town Engineer: Adam Bliss |

More information can be found here.
Facility Manager: Suzanne Duplissis |

Directions to Facility:
From Main Street -
Mallett Drive to Rt. 136. Take left onto Pownal Road, go about a mile, take Hedgehog Mountain Road on left to end.

There are Silver Bullet recycling containers at four locations in Town for residential drop-off of single sort recyclables. At times, the container capacity cannot keep up with demand. We ask that if you encounter a full container, please do not leave recyclables on the ground around the container. Recyclables left outside are considered illegal dumping, and are frequently blown onto neighboring property, contributing to roadside litter. Please help us keep the silver bullet sites and neighboring properties clean by not leaving recyclables outside the containers!

ecomaine has produced a 'Recyclopedia' to give you ready information on recycling, including an app in Android or Iphone format. Check it out at the
ecomaine website.

All users of the Recycling Facility must have a valid Freeport Transfer Facility Sticker on their vehicle. Stickers are valid for the calendar year and may be purchased at the Recycling Facility. Proof of residency is required. Lost or misplaced stickers must be replaced at resident/non-resident's expense.

The cost for Freeport residents is $6.00. Residents of Pownal, North Yarmouth, and Durham may obtain a sticker for $40.00 for disposal of any waste except residential waste. Fees apply for disposal of bulky waste and other items. Many recyclable items can be disposed for free, as noted below.

* Motor Oil (used, but not contaminated with other products)
* Auto, and Marine Batteries
* Leaf & Grass Clippings
* Christmas Trees
* Returnable bottle Donations for Freeport Community Services
* Microwaves
* Fluorescent bulbs and CFL's
*Thermostats with mercury switches - see attendant

* Salvation Army Donation Box (clothing and shoes only)
* Swap Shop: for good, used household items (no TV's, computers, air conditioners, mattresses, etc. See attendant if unsure)

*Mixed paper which includes all Newspaper/Magazines/Junk Mail/books/Brochures
* Paperboard: cereal and food boxes (remove inner plastic bag from food boxes)
* Glass Jars/Steel Cans/aluminum foil and plates (please rinse out food residue)
* Cardboard/Moving Boxes (Boxes must be empty)
* Clear Milk Jugs (#2 HDPE) & bleach, detergent, and vegetable oil bottles (#1 PET)
*All Rigid Plastic containers labeled #1 - #7 (please rinse out food residue)

ecomaine does NOT accept plastic bags or plastic film of any kind even if the bag/film has the recycling symbol on it. Therefore, it is not accepted in any of the Recycling Containers in Town or at the Transfer Station. Please either put the plastic bags/film in your trash or take them to a retailer that collects this material. The bags/film must be clean and dry to be recycled. Retailers who collect this material typically have a collection container in the front of the store (Bow Street Market, Hannaford, Target etc.) Styrofoam is also NOT recyclable at ecomaine and must be disposed of in the trash. Feel free to contact the Transfer Station if you have any questions 865-3740.

* The Soule School (South Freeport Road at the Village Store)
* Doherty's Market (Wardtown Road)
* West Street Fire Barn (West Street, behind police station)
* Hunter Road (in front of Public Works Garage)
* Transfer Station/Recycling Ctr (100 Hedgehog Mtn. Road)

*Do not leave recyclable material outside of containers. If the container is full, take to another location or come back another day.
*Never leave household garbage at the CONTAINERS.
*For more recycling information, visit the ecomaine website. Among other things, the site contains a useful "Do's and Don'ts" list.

*Lower garbage disposal costs paid by the property tax
*Reduce environmental impacts, including energy and greenhouse gas generation

The Recycling Facility on Hedgehog Mountain Road accepts Freeport residents' household trash (a valid Freeport Transfer Facility Sticker is required).
* 90 cent fee for each 30 gallon-sized bag of household garbage weighing up to 30 pounds (fee covers the cost of hauling the trash to ecoMaine)
* Purchase a Garbage Drop-off punch card at the Town Hall or at the Recycling Facility: $18.00 for a 20 bag punch card, $9.00 for a 10 bag punch card. Prices subject to change.

*Lower your household garbage collection costs (residents can reduce costs by minimizing waste and only visiting the Recycling Center when needed.)
*Dispose of all your trash and recycling items at the same time you visit the Facility.

Please check out:
Riverside Recycling Center
910 Riverside Street, Portland, 797-6200;
Open on the first Saturday of the month, April through November, 7am to 4pm.

Household hazardous waste includes the following types of chemicals:
Herbicides, pesticides, pool chemicals, solvents, & weed killers.

Food scraps can represent 20% or more of the average household’s waste and have a low fuel value at ecomaine’s waste to energy plant. Transporting this heavy, wet material to ecomaine is costly both financially and environmentally. The best way to reduce these costs is to compost food scraps right at home. Composting can be done in a pile in the backyard or in a specialized bin. Once you start diverting your food scraps from your waste stream and adding a carbon source such as leaves it won’t be long before you will have a great soil additive that you can use in your garden, flower bed, or lawn.

Not sure if composting is right for you? This 17 minute How To Compost video might help.

Another way to handle it is to drop off food waste at the recycling center! For more info, read our Food Scrap Drop-off document.

The knowledgeable and friendly Recycling Center staff is available to answer any composting questions you might have. Just call 865-3740.

The Recycling Center sells the Earth Machine backyard composters, kitchen pails, compost turners, thermometers as well as rain barrels.

Need a way to store your recyclables?

A Reusable Bag and Rack Recycling System is available from the Recycling Center/ Transfer Station Facility for a special low cost to Freeport residents. The system consists of:

• Single-Bag Freestanding Rack: 15 in. wide x 16 in. deep x 29 in. high
• Heavy duty woven polypropylene fabric bag:
Drawstring with slide lock closure in top hem; Dimensions filled and closed are
approx. 15 in. W x 8 in. D x 28 in. H (14 gal.)

Rack cost is $15; bags are $7; $22 for a set.

Stumps- Where can I dispose of stumps?
Stumps are not accepted at the Transfer Station. They are accepted at the Riverside Recycling facility in Portland. FMI call Riverside at 207-797-6200.

Construction Debris- How do I dispose of it?
Construction debris such as demo wood, asphalt shingles, bathroom fixtures, sheet rock, brick and concrete, metal studs, etc. are accepted for a fee at the Recycling/Transfer station. Items should be separated for recycling. For information during hours of operation, call 865-3740.

Yard Waste- How do I dispose of leaves, brush, and grass clippings?
Brush is accepted at the facility for a fee. Leaves and grass clippings are accepted for free.

Large Item Disposal- How can I dispose of large items such as refrigerators?
Refrigerators, other appliances, and other large items such as sofas, stuffed chairs, water tanks, furnaces, etc. are accepted for a fee.

Annual Cleanup- Does Freeport have a clean-up disposal program?
Generally, Freeport has an annual spring clean-up in June. Freeport residents may deliver 1 pick-up sized load of household items: for example: brush, construction wood waste and sheetrock; mattresses, microwaves, old stoves, fridges, couches and chairs, carpets, clothes, and old things that no longer work! Residents will be allowed one free trip to the facility. We will accept tires and shingles for a fee. We cannot accept any household chemicals or paint. Anyone dropping off materials must have a current sticker.

If a spring cleanup is scheduled, a flyer will be mailed to Freeport residents in May. It will contain a coupon which must be presented at the cleanup.

Other Items- Are there other items I can dispose of for a fee?
Asphalt shingles, fluorescent lamps (including compact fluorescents - cfl's), metal, gasoline and anti-freeze, TV's, computers, mercury lamps, and tires, all for a fee.

Items We don't Accept- Where can I dispose of items that you do not accept, such as hazardous waste, household chemicals or paint?

*Riverside Recycling Center, 910 Riverside Street, Portland, 797-6200;
open the first Saturday of the month, April through November, 7am to 4pm.

*Clean Harbors Environmental Services, 17 Main Street, South Portland, 799-8111; open on Wednesdays, 8am to 12pm.

Note: Latex paint, if still liquid, should be recycled at a location registered with the PaintCare Program. Maine Paint on Route 1 in Yarmouth and the Building Materials Exchange on 102 Lisbon Road in Lisbon are nearby options. Latex paint that is dried solid may be disposed of as bulky wast at the Recycling Center.

Household Trash Collection- Where can I find someone to collect my household waste?
Haulers authorized to collect household waste in the Town of Freeport are:

* Casella/Pinetree Waste, Inc. (883-9777)
* Dan Wentworth Rubbish Removal (844-4799)

Check with the individual hauler regarding the costs, schedule, and recycling services they may provide.

Commercial Waste- Who provides commercial waste collection services?
Haulers licensed to collect commercial waste in Freeport are:

* Casella/Pine Tree Waste Inc. - 883-9777
* Reynolds and Sons Disposal - 773-5862
* Troiano Waste Services, Inc. - 767-2070
* Waste Management of Maine - 317-8026

Please note that Freeport's Solid Waste Ordinance mandates that every commercial business must recycle their cardboard waste. Cardboard must not be disposed of with other commercial solid waste. We recommend that they make arrangements with their waste hauler to also take their cardboard for recycling.