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Date: May 7, 2018
Time: 6:45 PM
Location: Freeport Community Library

Freeport Community Library Board of Trustees Meeting Minutes
Date: May 7, 2018, approved June 4, 2018
Freeport Community Library
Attendees: Joe Vertenten, Elizabeth Housewright, Chris Abbe, Kathy Heye, Colin Kaveney, Freyja Bradford, Arlene Arris, Dal Holtrop, Pam Goucher
Excused: Judy Donahue
Meeting Called to Order: 6:47 PM
April minutes approved
Director’s Report:
• Thanks to Trustees for Library Appreciation Week dinner
• May 15 line item budget review workshop with council (Arlene as Department Head)
• Book sale underway, had preview night for the first time in awhile, making good money compared to past sales; will purchase Boston Globe subscription in addition to passes to local attractions, other items
• New memorial donation form is now ready(passed out)
• Staffing has been a challenge; think all positions are now filled!
Discuss feedback from town annual orientation for board members (April 25):
• Attended by Elizabeth Housewright, Judy Donahue and Freyja Bradford
• No new insights, reminder that we are not to discuss board issues in groups of 3 or more
Strategic planning next steps:
Steps to complete the plan:
• Not many changes in goals/objectives needed
• Need to include other parts, demographics, statistics, etc. Drafts of some of these had been done Summer 2016, will need updating. All should review plans from Yarmouth, Wells to see what might be done. Elizabeth will give access to web page with relevant links to all Board Members
• Re feedback: our turnout was small, but other groups (RSU) have similar issues;
Assign owners for completion:
• Pictures (Arlene),
• Google doc where drafts can be worked on (Freyja);
• If goals/objectives need work Colin is interested in web, Dal in volunteer items
• By next meeting will need “assignments” for individuals or teams of two to draft over summer
Discuss realistic timeline for completion:
• Shoot for rough draft by October
Brainstorm about summer “homework” and ideas for topics to explore starting in the fall:
• Elizabeth will link the previous monthly “homework” documents
• Would like a discussion of funds in the Jane Hall Trust, which is under the control of Trustees. Arlene will get current accounting. Some items that have been paid for with that fund include the back garden and ongoing maintenance for that, travel funds for conferences/workshops, etc. not covered by town funds
• Trustees will want to sign up for Maine State Library association trustee email list
• Consider hosting advisory Trustees from nearby town libraries to learn about successes, issue, etc.
Other business:
Joe and Arlene will check on steps needed to move regular meeting time to 6:45PM
Meeting Adjourned:6:38