Town of Freeport
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Date: February 6, 2019
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Town Council Chambers

Wednesday, February 6, 2019
6:00 PM

1. Informational exchange
2. Commercial 1 & 3 Districts - Public Hearing - Proposed amendments to Sec. 104, Definitions; Sec. 409, Commercial 1 District; Sec. 411, Commercial 3 District of the Freeport Zoning Ordinance. All proposed amendments pertain to allowing vehicle wash centers in the Commercial 1 (C-1) District (Route One South) and to setback requirements in the Commercial 1 and 3 Districts and screening requirements in the Commercial 1 District. Amendments are in Sec. 104 – add definition of “vehicle wash center”, Sec. 409 – C-1 District – add the use of “vehicle wash center” subject to Site Plan Review. Amend Sec. 409.D.5 to allow reduced side and rear setback requirements if certain conditions apply. Amend Sec. 409.D.9 require screening for outdoor uses that are accessory to vehicle wash centers, such as vacuuming areas. Sec. 411 –– C-3 District – Sec. 411.D.5 clarify combined side setback requirement to be a combination of 75’ and a minimum of 25’.
3. Mandatory Shoreland Zoning text and map amendments – Public Hearing – State mandated amendments to Freeport’s Shoreland Zoning rules. All amendments meet the State’s minimum Shoreland Zoning requirements. Amendments are in Sec. 104. Definitions, Sec. 202 – Non-conformance, Sec. 507 – Shoreland Zoning Regulations, Sec. 601 – Enforcement, Sec. 602 – Site Plan Review.
Shoreland Zoning Map amendments – all areas that were designated Resource Protection 1 because they are a “High Value Salt Meadow” or are an “High Value Waterfowl and Wading Bird Habitat” are proposed to be classified as “Shoreland Area” not Resource Protection.
4. Island Districts, Sec. 426. A-D and Sec. 104 Definitions – Public Hearing – The proposed amendments establishes separate rules for islands that are connected to the mainland with a causeway, now all islands whether connected to the mainland or not have the same rules. Sec. 104 – Definitions – add “outdoor recreation” and “rustic campgrounds”, Sec 426 A-D – replaces the use of “nature interpretation” with outdoor recreation and outdoor recreation schools”, amends setback requirements and the restriction of one accessory structure for islands connected to the mainland with a causeway (Bartol Island and Little Flying Point Island) other minor amendments are proposed.
5. Medium Density A/B Districts – Sec. 406.41 – add “boat yard” as a permitted use subject to Site Plan Review, Sec. 104 Definitions – add retail sales to the list of activities allowed at “boat yards”, Sec.406.C.4 and Sec. 406.E.4 – clarification of when setback reductions are possible.
6. Continued discussion of parking lot redevelopment
7. Discussion of proposed amendments to the Vision Section of the Comprehensive Plan
8. Adjourn

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