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December 29, 2017

There is no “off season” for illegal transient sellers…..

The Brunswick and Freeport Police Departments would like to remind residents that it is a crime for a person who does not have a permanent place of business in the State of Maine to come to your residence and sell goods or home repair services. In the spring and summer unlicensed individuals frequently peddle driveway sealing or tree removal services. As the weather is no longer favorable for these scams, new techniques are employed. One example is a salesman coming to your residence claiming to have excess stock from a tradeshow that he will sell to you on the spot at a steep discount. The product is normally a brand that you don’t recognize so you do not realize that the price you are paying is not actually at a “steep discount” and could even be for stolen property.

Risks involved with purchasing products from a transient seller include being pressured into a purchase without adequate time to consider the purchase, purchasing from an unknown company which may not be able to backup any warranties and purchasing goods of unknown quality.
On December 23rd, the Brunswick Police Department apprehended Brian Woodman, age 31, of Anchorage, Alaska working on behalf of ZT Industrial, LLC of Somersworth, New Hampshire, selling power products such as generators door to door on US Route 1 in the area of the Brunswick-Freeport town line. Woodman was driving a rented truck and claimed to be selling excess product from a trade show. Neither Woodman nor ZT Industrial, LLC was licensed as a transient seller in Maine. In fact, a search of NH Secretary of State, Corporations Division records yields the result that ZT Industrial, LLC is “not in good standing”. Woodman was summonsed for being a Transient Seller without Registration (32 MRS § 14702 (2)(A)), a Class E Crime.

Before engaging with a door-to-door salesperson, one should always request to see the seller’s Maine transient sales registration.

December 28, 2016
Authorized by:
Richard J. Rizzo Susan Nourse
Brunswick Chief of Police Freeport Chief of Police
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