Town of Freeport
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February 21, 2017

Effective February 24, many roads in Freeport will be off limits to heavy vehicle traffic.
All heavy vehicles are required to attain a permit to operate on a posted road in Freeport regardless of temperature.
A list of the roads is below, and a document for obtaining an exception is attached at right.

The posting will continue until May 1, 2017 dependent upon the weather. All regular delivery route trucks are exempt (Oil trucks, Propane Gas Trucks, Trash Haulers, Municipal Vehicles and other necessary vehicles).
This list is subject to change without notice. For current information or questions contact the Public Works Department (865-4461).
Allen Range Road
Baker Road
Bartol Island Road
Beech Hill Road
Bonney Street
Bow Street
Bragdon Road
Brown Road
Buttercup Drive
Carriage Road
Chapel Street
Cheehawk Road
Concord Road
Cove Road
Cross Street
Curtis Road
Cushing Briggs
Desert Road @ Campus Drive
East Street
Elm Street
Flying Point Road
Foster Ave
Gay Drive
Grant Road
Holbrook Street
Howard Place
Hunter Road
Independence Drive
Justins Way @ Cross Street
Kendall Lane
La Rue Drive
Lambert Road
Ledgewood Lane
Litchfield Road
Lower Flying Point Road
Lower Mast Landing Road
Lunt Road
Main Street, South Freeport
Maple Avenue
Merrill Road
Middle Street @ Bow Street
Murch Road
Nathan Nye
Noble Drive
Old Brunswick Road
Old County Road
Old Flying Point Road
Old Mast Landing Road
Old South Freeport Road
Park Street
Park Street, South Freeport
Pettingil Road
Pine Street
Pleasant Hill Road
Poland Road
Porters Landing
Prout Road
Richards Lane
School Street
South Freeport Road @ Smelt Brook
South Street
Staples Point Road
Stonewood Drive
Summer Street
Torrey Hill Range Road
True Street
Upper Mast Landing Road
Varney Road
Wardtown Road/Rte 125
Ware Road
Webster Road
West Street @ Depot
Wolfe Neck Road
Woodside Lane