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May 30, 2017

Fill Available – 2017 Construction Season

Most years, the Public Works Department makes excess material from various road projects and ditching operations available to the public for use as fill on their property. This allows the double benefit of saving disposal costs for the Town, and providing free fill for residents. This year, the Public Works Department is looking for residents in the South Freeport area to accept fill from the South Freeport Road project. Material will be distributed on an “as available” basis, with priority given to interested residents closest to the project, since this will save the Town on trucking and disposal costs. The Town requires a written material acceptance agreement to be completed, which can be found on the Public Works Department page on the Town’s website. Applications are also available at the Public Works garage on Hunter Road.

Residents interested in learning more can contact either Tammy Morrissey or Earl Gibson at the Public Works Office at 865-4461.