Town of Freeport

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(Please be advised that you must have Google Earth or Google Earth Pro installed on your system to view the KMZ files.) In addition:

*ZONING MAP This is a general reference map. For specific determinations, please call the Planning Office.

*Freeport Conservation Trust hosts maps of various walking trails in town. Mouse over their 'Explore Freeport Outdoors' menu to view a drop-down list.

*FEMA Floodplain maps are also available offsite.

Zoning Map>>

Street Map>>

KMZ file of 2016 parcel data>>

Zoning Map - Bustins Island.pdf>>

Voting District Map>>

Freeport Water District>>

So. Freeport Water District>>

Freeport Merchants Map>>

Gorman Park Trail Map>>

KMZ of Sewer lines>>

KMZ of sewer manholes>>

The following Assessor's maps were created for the September 2017 tax commitment.

If you want to find the map/lot number of an individual property, navigate to our online assessor's database, and search by address or owner name.

Map Index.pdf>>

Island Map>>

Bustins Island>>

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