Town of Freeport

This award is presented to outstanding citizens of our town who, by their initiative and efforts over the years, have made Freeport a wonderful place to live. Recipients are listed on a separate plaque, displayed in Town Hall, in honor of their service and contributions.

The Special Projects Committee of the Freeport Town Council collects nominations annually. Candidates are reviewed, and recommendations for the Award are be made to the Council. The Council then presents the award to the recipient in a public ceremony.

To nominate a candidate, obtain a form from Town Hall, or download one using the link on the right.

citizen of the year nomination form.pdf>>

2017 – Fred Palmer and John Paterson
2016 – George Denney
2015 – Jonas and Kate Werner
2014 - Freeport Community Services “Founding Mothers” -
Vaughndella Curtis, Betsy Ruff, Carol Southall, Janice Fogg, Suzie Harding, Sherry Smith
2013 - Ed Bradley
2012 - Tom Wright
2011 - Vicky Lowe
2010 - Bob Stevens
2009 - Rod Regier
2008 - Barbara Gifford
2007 - Dr. Jonathan Strout & Freeport Dental Associates
2006 - Mary Sauer and John Hoy
2005 - Betsy Ruff
2004 - Edgar Leighton
2003 - E. Ann Westervelt
2002 - Louis Marstaller
2001 - Vaughndella Curtis
2000 - Edward Bonney
1999 - Frank Small
1998 - Frank Garland
1997 - Edward Bueter & Fred Fernald
1996 - Paul Powers