Town of Freeport

There are several places within the Town of Freeport where public access to the shore is available. The Coastal Waters Commission maintains a document (link is on the right) showing where each of these public access points is located.


The Coastal Waters Commission is established by Town Ordinance #31 ...

"The Commission shall hear any appeal by any person affected directly or indirectly from any decision, order, rule, act or failure to act of the Harbormaster. In deciding any appeal, the Commission shall hear and approve, approve with modifications or conditions, or disapprove the decision, order, rule, act or failure to act of the Harbormaster, from which the appeal is made."

In addition, the Commission also reviews applications for wharfing out. Application for wharfing approval must be made with reference to the appropriate wharfing out criteria. Approval by the Committee must be made PRIOR to application to any other outside agency.

Commission members are appointed by the Town Council. It holds regular meetings as posted on the Town's Meetings and Minutes page.

Further information on waterfront and watercraft issues may be found on the Harbormaster's webpage.