Town of Freeport

Q. How do I register to vote?
A. Residents may register to vote at the Town Clerk's Office in the Town Hall. On Election Day, you may register at the polls. Additionally, residents may register at the Motor Vehicle Department. Bring a photo ID with you. If your photo ID does not list Freeport as your current address, also bring official mail you have received at your Freeport address or other documentation of your physical address.

Q. Where do I vote?
A. All residents of the town vote at the High School gymnasium, located on Holbrook Street (which is off Main Street across from the Town Hall). Some municipal elections may be held at Town Hall.

Q. When are elections scheduled?
A. There is always an election on the First Tuesday after the first Monday of every November. Municipal elections are held at the same time as state elections in November. Special elections are set by the State Legislature, the Town Council, and RSU #5, as appropriate.

Q. I will be out of town on Election Day, how do I vote?
A. Absentee voting begins one month prior to an election. Please see the Town Clerk’s page for more information on this topic.