Town of Freeport

Q. What number should I call in an emergency? In a non-emergency?
A. In a real emergency dial 9-1-1.
For non-emergency calls (vandalism, animal complaints, nuisance type complaints), call the business number, 865-4212.
For general business and administrative calls, dial 865-4800.

Q. How do I request a copy of a police report?
A. Call the Police Department during regular business hours to request a copy.

Q. What do I do if I have hit a deer or other large animal?
A. Call Dispatch (865-4212 for non-emergencies or 9-1-1 for emergencies).

Q. I am going on vacation for several weeks. Can the police check on my property while I am gone?
A. The police department will conduct checks of your property while you are away from home. If you are interested in this service, contact the Communications Center and give a dispatcher the necessary information on your property.

Q. How do I know if the clam flats are closed?
A. Call the Shellfish Hotline at 865-2904.

Q. My house has been broken into, what should I do?
A. Do not enter the house. It is important to protect yourself as well as evidence of the crime. Use a cell phone or neighbor's phone to report the crime.

For more information, go to the Police Department webpage.